Land rover series 2a paint colors

Bid for the chance to own a restored 1963 land rover series 2a 109. Land rover serie 3 land rover 88 land rover off road defender 90 land rover defender landrover off road trailer radio control series 3. We always guarantee great quality at the best prices. Land rover series 22a engine blue paintman paintman paint.

Later models series 2a middle bronze green bs381c223. There is a company triken paints at caringbah who have mixed up paints for series 2 2a colors page 5. Land rover paint greens that we are able to mix in coach enamel. Land rover had standard colours and paint schemes each year for painting new civilian land rovers. However, military, commercial fleet and special built vehicles could get any colour and paint scheme they wanted. So there will always be exceptions to whatever as available from the dealer on various models for each year. However, military, commercial fleet and special built. Paint for land rover series 2, 2a and series 3 paddock spares. Land rover defender interior land rover defender 110 defender 90 land rover off road land rover series 3 adventure car range rover classic panel doors land rovers. Originally posted by bobslandies any competent paint supplier should be able to mix up to the british standards.

So here we have gathered together as much information as we can on those colours, with part numbers, colour codes etc. The category lists all of the land rover paint blues that we hold in stock. Probably would have been on the delivery papers, but this wont help you. Over the last sixty years land rover have used an enormous range of colours. For dulux alkyd enamle, append a d to the paint color number. Landyzone is the biggest land rover forum on the net. Also used on some other rover and land rover engines around. I realised that after i posted, sorry series 2a did not have paint codes marked on them anywhere.

Series paint colors land rover, land rover series 3. Paint for land rover series 2, 2a and series 3 paddock. If the colour you want does not appear in this category. Registering is free and easy just click here, we hope to see you on the forums soon. Dupont ditzler glasurit rmsupermax unipart pastel green rtc4041a 38504 rov605 rv028 bronze green rtc4042a. So there will always be exceptions to whatever as available from the dealer on. We offer the entire range of land rover genuine parts direct from land rover uk, as well as publish north americas largest land rover publication, rovers magazine. Read the definitive guide to the series ii the dunsfold collection. There is only a limited range of touchup paint available. Lr original paint colors can anyone point me to the line up of colors, and codes for the 1963 series iia s. The series ii land rover was introduced in april 1958, exactly 10 years after the. How to discover original paint colors for a series iia. Colour match testing should always be carried out prior to application as your car may not be the exact shade as. Land rover paint chart key to paint and trim please note.

This is not a guide to painting your land rover, just a list of the land rover part numbers and alternatives. We have plenty of very knowledgable members so if you have any questions about your land rover or just want to connect with other landy owners, youre in the right place. If the colour you are looking for does not appear in this category please contact us. Land rover lincoln green lrc233 an early range rover classic colour. Please inform us of any mistakes or incomplete information.

Dupont ditzler glasurit rmsupermax unipart pastel green rtc4041a 38504 rov605 rv028 bronze green rtc4042a 38500 46451 ley637 rv027 marine blue rtc4043a 38503 16514 rov504 rv017 gap407 limestone rtc4044a 38505. This is our effort to make an inventory of past and present day paint codes. I want to know what this specific land rovers original color was. Land rover paint codes land rover series 1 for sale. Nato green no 2 satin also known as clansman green. Paint colours were the same as for the 109inch utilities, less the poppy red. Especially the series 1s are missing out on colour codes and present day mixconfirmations.

Buy paint for land rover series 2, 2a and series 3 paint at paddock spares. Im wondering if it wasis marked on the vehicle anywhere. This list may not be complete, but we have done our best. Land rover series colour guide early excellent original 1971 a 1 2. Our mission is to support all original land rover models no longer supported by your local land rover franchise. Radio controlled boats 3 things veteran rc boat nuts wished theyd learnt before. Order your land rover from our range of paint online today. Series land rover paint schemes expedition land rover. Engine colour series 2a3 duck egg blue bs480016c33 very similar to detroit diesel alpine green, made by duplicolor de1618 greens bronze green.

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