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Esta norma estabelece os simbolos graficos referentes. General requirements publication date 20100105 original language spanish, portuguese please select. Report z abnt nbr 164012 2008 please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. A seguir sao apresentados os simbolos mais utilizados em projetos eletricos. Abnt nbr nmiso safety of machinery safety distances to prevent danger zones being reached by the upper limbs. O projeto circulou em consulta nacional conforme edital n. Solo paginas rochas e solos nbr 441ago1995 origem. The project was circulated for national consultation in accordance with abnt notice edital n. Its essential for the correct implementation by manufacturers of either fixed, mobile or portable receivers aimed at the brazilian digital tv market. The abnt nbr 15604 is the document that describes in detail the mandatory and optional functions and features of receivers for the sbtvd. Rede telefonica interna 4 paginas mar 1995 nbr 300 origem. Download z abnt nbr 164012 2008 categories view all login register.

Abnt nbr 156032 was prepared within the purview of the special studies committee of digital television abnt cee00. A simbologia e definida por normas da abnt, dentre as quais podese citar. Abnt nbr nm 608841 20100105 plugs and socketoutlets for household and similar purposes part 1. Aug 17, 2017 abnt 2007 norma brasileira abnt nbr 53561 primeira edicao 17. Description download z abnt nbr 164012 2008 comments. Como o comite responsavel nao encontrou interessados em revisala, a mesma foi cancelada. Estabelece simbolos graficos referentes as instalacoes eletricas prediais.

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