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You can find the proof through a real desire to know and a. Jehovahs witnesses answered verse by verse baker book house also published in french, spanish, portuguese, polish, romanian, faroese and partially in arabic answering jehovah. Three witnesses oliver cowdery, david whitmer, and martin harris declared an angel of god appeared to them and showed them the book of mormon plates. Jw government since then demands greater loyalty and discipline from members. When i spoke in salt lake city near to the mormon temple, i came across the fascinating book by william j.

Every missionary who is proclaiming the name and gospel of jesus christ will be blessed by daily feasting from the book of mormon. Jw the teachings of jesus, the kingdom and kingdom work it is general and vague. Mar, 2008 that is why mormons are so enthusiastic about the book of mormonit is a crucial second witness of christ and his gospel. Cult shock is an apologetic resource that teaches christians how to defend their faith and evangelize jehovah s witnesses and mormons. Her parents converted to the religion after they moved from their home in moroleon, guanajuato, mexico to the united states. But the effect of the book of mormon on your character, power, and courage to be a witness for god is certain. Compare jehovahs witnesses and mormonism religionfacts. Mormon church says it was an error in their come follow me manual that there was a curse of dark skin.

The most significant witnesses are the three witnesses and the eight witnesses, all of whom allowed their names to be used on two separate statements included with the book of mormon. The jehovah witnesses believe the bible to be the word of god. Facts on the book of mormon witnesses part 1 mormons in. Mormon religious beliefs versus jehovah witness beliefs. Jehovahs witnesses believe the watchtower is gods organization on earth and they are convinced their beliefs are true if they align with that. Jul 12, 2014 mormonism latterday saints and the jehovah s witnesses are two wellknown religions in the united states. Smith said he had been directed by the angel moroni to translate this work from reformed egyptian into english. Jun 29, 2012 those who frequently witness to mormons seem to gravitate to one of three different approaches.

Book of mormon witnesses the encyclopedia of mormonism. Jehovah s witnesses and mormons believe the bible is gods word. Joseph smith founded the mormon faith and charles taze russell founded the witnesses. Because both groups make heavy use of missionary work, especially going doortodoor to discuss their religions, people can confuse them. The book of mormon is clear that it was a literal curse on their skin. Mormons and jehovah s witnesses both are active religious groups within the united states and across the globe. The book of mormon contains two sets of joint statements written by joseph smith for those who claimed to have seen the gold plates. Whatever one may think of the book of mormon origins, the three witnesses along with the other eight witnesses and the prophet joseph smith himself could. Full text of dissertation on the dragon, beast, and. Another distinctive difference is the lds belief in more scripture. Bofm witnesses presentation provides a spiritual and temporal witness of the realities of the book of mormon.

However, the watchtower objective of serving in territories where the need is great motivates some to move to selected areas of cities or foreign countries to assist in promoting the goals of the organization. This is some heavy duty gaslighting and throwing the bom under the bus. How to deal with jehovahs witnesses and mormons christian. Jan 02, 2020 others are from the book of mormon itself, e. We will discuss these methods in more detail, but first lets consider a. Cowdery october 3, 1806 march 3, 1850 was, with joseph smith, an important participant in the formative period of the latter day saint movement between 1829 and 1836. They claim that christianity became corrupt at the death of the new testament apostles. Mormons and jehovah s witnesses have common ground and their own unique beliefs. Response to jehovah s witness articles on the lds church. An easy way to witness to mormons and jehovahs witnesses. From jehovahs witness to latterday saint mormon women project. Mormons and jehovahs witnesses both are active religious groups within the united states and across the globe. The book of mormon witnesses are a group of contemporaries of joseph smith who claimed to have seen the golden plates from which smith translated the. Jehovahs witnesses mormon, apologetics, jesus christ.

The testimony of the eight witnesses was first published at the end of the 1830 edition of the book of mormon and has been printed in nearly every edition since, although most subsequent editions moved the statement to the front of the book and included minor grammatical corrections. The first edition of the book of mormon featured two testimonials. Mar 01, 20 david a reed served for a decade as a contributing editor of dr. The basic premise of the book of mormon is the story of two civilizations that came to the american continent, including one during the time of the tower of babel and the other from israel prior to the babylonian captivity around 600 b. Jan 05, 2018 as my credential says, i am a latterday saint mormon, but also as my credential says, i spent a portion of my life going my own way. The book of mormon witnesses are a group of contemporaries of joseph smith who claimed to have seen the golden plates from which smith translated the book of mormon. And that it why it is important to have joseph smiths account, and the accounts of the three and eight witnesses.

In my red book is a documentation of david whitmer being present because he wouldnt let the manuscript of the book of mormon go out of his hands when the rlds committee came and was trying to do an edition of the book of mormon corrected by what they thought was the original manuscriptit was the printers. Where do you turn for advice when you need help reaching a daughter who is dating a mormon or a friend who converted to the jehovahs witnesses. She shares her experiences as she transitioned from her childhood thoughts and. Mormons and jehovahs witnesses have common ground and their own unique beliefs. The case for the book of mormon wont likely be won in a courtroom or a cafeteria. Keep in mind that if you take the context of a verse into account, you will see that it does not teach mormon doctrine. No lapine content is intended to hurt even the most delicate of feelingsbut its bound to happen. May 04, 2006 distinctive beliefs of the mormon church the gods of the mormon church mormon stumpers mormonisms baptism for the dead problems with the book of mormon there are many more articles on these two false religions at catholic answers. Book of mormon spiritual and temporal witnesses presentation. David whitmer, one of the book of mormon s three witnesses, said if you believe my testimony to the book of mormon. Jul 08, 2011 while joseph smith was dictating the book of mormon to oliver cowdery, he read off a section that declared there would be three special witnesses who would be allowed to see the plates and then bear witness to the book of mormon. Bible the death, burial, and resurrection of jesus christ for our sins 1 cor. He was the first baptized latter day saint, one of the three witnesses of the book of mormons golden plates, one of the.

The translation was what is now the book of mormon. Three witnesses the three witnesses are david whitmer, oliver cowdery, and martin harris, who mortgaged his farm to finance the first printing of the book of mormon. The mormons were also created as a front for satanism and, like the watchtower society, enochian magic. Dec 24, 2011 opportunity after death in a spirit prison for those who havent heard the mormon gospel gospel principles, 1992, p. What is the difference between mormons and jehovahs witness. This book examines lds beliefs compared to biblical christianity, as well as detailing several historical problems of mormonism. Sep 05, 2017 jehovah s witnesses and the mormons are very similar indeed. Oh and dont dismiss these articles just because they come from a catholic site. Similarities between jehovahs witnesses and mormons youtube. David whitmer, a witness to the divine authenticity of the book of. Both claim to be the only true religion and both of them have very unscriptural rules and regulations. The soul of man ceases to exist after death no hell knowledge that leads to everlasting life, p. It is the only one of the four standard works bible, book of mormon, doctrine and covenants, and pearl of great price that is not considered infallible. Beginning with the first edition of 1830, the book of mormon has generally contained two sets of testimoniesthe testimony of three witnesses.

Explaining away the book of mormon witnesses fairmormon. Paul and silas went to the synagogue of the jews in berea and preached the gospel of jesus christ. For example, the mormon inquirer prays about the book of mormon after reading it and if they get a warm fuzzy feeling they will know the book is true. The three witnesses is the collective name for three men connected with the early latter day saint movement who stated that an angel had shown them the golden plates from which joseph smith, jr. The eight witnesses of the book of mormon lds blogs. Lds the laws and the ordinances of the mormon church. Three witnesses oliver cowdery, david whitmer, and martin harris declared an angel of god appeared to them and showed them the book of mormon plates and they heard the voice of the lord pronounce that joseph smiths translation had been accomplished. Full text of dissertation on the dragon, beast, and falseprophet, of the apocalypse. Cult shock is an easytofollow resource of christian apologetics that teaches you how to defend your christian faith against the claims of jehovah s witness and mormon missionaries.

The jehovah s witness religion and mormonism both began in 19thcentury america, and a single person founded each. Do jehovahs witnesses have a book equivalent to the book. She studied the mormon faith for two years before being baptized, an action considered taboo by her familys religion. I know the book of mormon is true because i prayed about it. The book of mormon is a sacred record that contains the everlasting gospel and bears witness of jesus christ. Do jehovah s witnesses hav e a book equivalent to the book of mormon. Mary whitmer, 12th witness to the book of mormon deseret news. The lapine is canadas best satirical online newspaper. In my personal experience, and as a member of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints sometimes mistakenly called the mormon church, i have heard it described as everything from interesting, false, uplifting, or contrary to the bible. What is the difference between jehovahs witnesses and. It satirizes politics, life, media and the human condition, with a special focus on canada. Because so many bible passages are distorted by the teachings of mormonism, we will only be able to look at a few of the more common distortions. Reasoning from the scriptures with mormons by ron rhodes more insights from your bible study get started with logos bible software for free.

Mormons also read the doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price, both of which contain revelations of the churchs founder, joseph smith. The doctrine and the valiant examples in that book will lift, guide, and embolden you. Walter martins christian research journal and has authored some twenty books on bible topics, including a dozen on jehovahs witnesses and mormons. Witnessing to mormons some first principles christian.

If you are talking to a mormon, you may want to mention that in the book of mormon in 3 nephi 19. We are a christian ministry whose purpose is to equip and train christians how to witness with the love and truth of christ to those who are lost in the spiritual. The book of mormon is another testament of jesus christ, and recounts the history of a group of hebrews who migrated to north america from presentday israel. It explains the beliefs of these groups and how biblical christianity refutes their worldview.

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